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A 30 Second Guide To Toggler Fixings

Expanding Wall Plugs

Spanning the well-known toggle fixings, specialist raw plugs and hollow wall fixings, Toggler offer some of the best plasterboard fixings available that must be tried to believe how much hassle and time you can save!

Do You Need A Robust Fixing To A Plasterboard Wall?

This is no problem with some of these fixings like the SnapToggle fixings holding a remarkable 100 kilos plus thanks to clever design.

Did you know that an ultra-strong hollow wall fixing like SnapToggle can be fixed in less than 10 seconds through a 13mm hole?

This is important because time is money and if carpenters, drywall, and other fit-out tradespeople can finish a job reliably and faster then there is more money to be made and of course a more satisfied customer.

Plaster Board Fixings

Do You Need To Fix To A Solid Wall? Try Alligator!

Utilising Alligator fixings from the Toggler range means using what looks like an ordinary plastic raw plug but this is far from the case!

Thanks to their patented design that is demonstrated in the Tifco industries video below you will find that Alligator can hold heavy items like radiators and in fact more weight than some epoxy and adhesive anchors!

When fixing in brick, concrete, or breeze blocks, the Alligator plug extrudes itself rather than expanding, giving an even holding pressure along the length of the fixing rather than just at the point of expansion as with most wall fixing plugs.

If you hit unexpected cavities while fixing – like a hollow brick or thermalite blocks and in hollow walls like tile-over drywall or stud – the screw will open the Alligator plug and lock its thread into the teeth to resist any future pull-out from vibration.

As you can appreciate these are exceptionally versatile expanding wall plugs. We have set out a table below that guides as to each type of fixing:

Guide To Toggler Expanding Raw Plugs

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