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Discover The Benefits Of Toggler Fixings

Hollow Wall Anchors

The US-made Toggler range of plasterboard fixings and hollow wall anchors that is made up of four unique fixings that should be a must-have item for every fit-out, signage, and construction contractor!

Read on in this guide to get a better idea of these products and their purposes:

Toggler Wall Fixings

SNAPTOGGLE– An advanced toggle bolt ideal for fixing heavy items to hollow walls.

SNAPSKRU – A self-drilling anchor ideal for fast installation of medium load items to plasterboard walls.

ALLIGATOR – An all-purpose wall plug fixing that is ideal for applications in solid walls, but also works in hollow walls.

HOLLOW WALL ANCHORS – Plastic toggle anchors ideal for a secure, vibration-proof fix every time.

Each fixing has been designed to provide endless solutions to many of the awkward and demanding tasks that trade professionals face when having to install items to cavity and solid walls.

Whatever your fixing challenge, there is a Toggler anchor that will excel beyond the limits of other comparable fixings.

The high-performance fixing range you can trust to solve all of your fixing problems!

Plasterboard Fixings

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