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A Bit About Gypsum And How It Is Produced In The UK

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Gypsum is remarkable mineral that has a number of uses in both the building and agricultural trade. It is known as hydrated calcium sulphate and has the chemical formula CaSO4H2O.

Mined all over the world, this soft mineral is produced in the UK from mines like the Saint Gobain facility and plaster production factory in Kirkby Thore, Penrith, in Cumbria. Research indicates that Spain is the largest producer in Europe of gypsum from mining.

Gypsum is the principal ingredient in writing chalk, drywall and plasterboard, and also in fertilisers that are essential for the growth of food globally.

This interesting video from British Gypsum takes you underground at their mine in north west England where they extract this mineral and manufacture plasterboard and plaster and have a training centre for drywallers.

This company – part of the international Saint Gobain Construction Products Group – also has mines at Robertsbridge in Sussex and East Leake, UK.

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