Alligator Wall Plugs

While an Alligator brand wall plug looks like an ordinary plastic plug, they function in a very different manner to hold more hung weight than even concrete and masonry anchors made from metal. Thanks to the unique and patented design of these fixings, they can even hold heavier hung items like radiators than most chemical, epoxy, and adhesive anchors.

In unexpected cavities like hollow brick or thermalite block and in hollow walls like plasterboard, tile over drywall or in drywall itself, the screw opens the TOGGLER® Alligator plug and locks its thread into the teeth to resist any pull-out from vibration. In a solid substrate like brick, concrete, or lightweight blocks, the Alligator plug extrudes itself rather than expanding along the length of the screw. This gives an even holding pressure along the length of the fixing rather than just at the point of expansion as with most wall plugs. All in all, these are exceptionally versatile expanding wall plugs.

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Key Benefits

  • Extremely versatile!
    Holds securely in almost any substrate from solid walls to hollow walls.
  • Exceptionally strong!
    Holds up to twice as much weight than metal, adhesive, epoxy and chemical anchors of equivalent size!
  • Resist vibration and shock!
    Anchor bonds screw to concrete & masonry and simultaneously seals the hole.
  • Corrosion Resistant!
    ALLIGATOR plugs are made from specially formulated polypropylene.
  • Accepts a range of screw sizes!
    Each anchor is versatile enough to accept a wide range of screws sizes.

Showing all 8 results