Toggler Alligator Plug AF6 – Pack of 20

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20 x AF6 (6mm) ALLIGATOR Universal Wall Anchors. (flanged head)
c/w Screws

The most versatile anchor on the market! Designed to work in solid walls but due to its unique features, will out-hold many other anchors in hollow substrates – capable of holding loads up to 1197kg (UWL*) in solid 4000psi concrete and up to 31kg in hollow 12.5mm Drywall! PLUS remove the screw without doing any damage or losing your anchor and even re-apply into the same fixing!

Don’t forget to add screws to your order!

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– The most versatile anchor EVER! Holds securely in almost any substrate from solid walls to hollow walls.
– NOT a hollow plastic plug! ALLIGATOR plugs are made from specially formulated polypropylene.
– Exceptionally strong! Up to twice as much than comparable metal, adhesive, epoxy and chemical anchors!
– Resist vibration and shock! Anchor bonds screw to concrete & masonry and simultaneously seals the hole.
– Accepts a range of screw sizes! Each anchor is versatile enough to accept a wide range of screws sizes.
– Remove the screw, without the anchor! Then re-install later, in the same anchor, with the same screw.

The TOGGLER ALLIGATOR® may look like a plastic plug, but it is no ordinary solid wall anchor. It provides the highest strength and vibration-proof holding values of any other anchor, out holding metal, adhesive, epoxy and even chemical anchors, when fixing into concrete and brick. It even works in hollow wall and unexpected cavities by popping open and locking its teeth into the screw thread to resist pull-out.

Other common solid wall anchors such as shield and expansion anchors require a precise hole to be drilled, a calibrated torque wrench and won’t work in an unforeseen cavity, whilst chemical and epoxy anchors are extremely expensive, very time consuming to install and require specific conditions to set correctly. The ALLIGATOR® solid wall anchor however, can be installed in seconds with any drill due to its anti-rotation fins to prevent spinning, sets instantly, is rust-proof and non-toxic and accepts a wide range of screws. With the unique ability to expand up to twice its own length and actually mould to masonry it creates an extremely effective bond between the screw and wall, distributing even holding pressure along the entire length of the fixing, whilst simultaneously sealing the hole from moisture!


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