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100 x TC TOGGLER Hollow Wall Anchors

High grade hollow wall anchors made in the USA and designed to provide a secure, vibration-proof fixing in cavity walls up to 19mm thick, but still being able to support loads in unexpected solids up to 38mm, such as a wooden stud, as an expansion/wedge anchor! Capable of holding loads up to 72kg (UWL*) in 16mm Drywall!

Don’t forget to add screws to your order!

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– Strongest of ALL Plastic Toggle Anchors! Reinforces the wall/ceiling and leads the load away from the hole.
– Vibration and Shock proof! Won’t damage walls or ceilings
– Works in Solid walls! Acting as a secure wedge/expansion anchor when they encounter an unexpected solid.
– Accept a range of screw sizes! In each anchor and pre-installs through a small 8mm hole, without the screw.
– Won’t spin! Anti-Rotation fins prevent the anchor spinning even when using a screwgun.
– Corrosion proof! With stainless steel screws. And also non-magnetic/non-conductive.
– Remove the screw, without the anchor! Then re-install later, in the same anchor, with the same screw

TOGGLER Hollow Wall Anchors are not an ordinary anchor; providing secure holding power for light and medium loads in hollow walls and ceilings, but also functioning as a secure wedge anchor, with the ability to expand in solid walls and wooden studs.

Whilst there are other hollow wall anchors that may look similar to the TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor, they often require a larger hole to install, damage the rear side of the wall where you can’t see, and they are often limited to a designated grip range, making them useless in unexpected situations. In comparison, the TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor installs through just a small 8mm hole, has anti-rotation fins to prevent spin-out and locks to the wall forming a truss-like structure offering secure vibration proof holding in materials up to 31mm thick!


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