High quality self drill plasterboard fixings which you don’t need a drill to install and they go into plasterboard quickly and easily. The Toggle SnapSkru anchors are the only ones that lock symmetrically for a truly secure fastening! Every time you tug on a toilet tissue holder or a handrail or a window blind, other self-drilling anchors come out as quickly as they went in, because nothing prevents their sharp threads from cutting back through the drywall lining as the anchor is locked in to the wall.

When activated with a screw – you can use from 3.5mm to 4.5mm – the SnapSkru opens with an audible “pop”, locking the anchor on the wall. The gypsum and its paper are kept in compression and reinforced, providing much greater holding power than other self drill plasterboard fixings.

And this self-drilling anchor’s built-in positive stop resists over-drilling! Try it for yourself! Now that’s no self drill plasterboard fixings.

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Key Benefits

  • Once it ‘POPs’ you know its locked!
    Symmetrically locks to the wall/ceiling for a truly secure fastening – activates with an audible ‘pop’.
  • Incredibly strong!
    Holds up to 80% more load than other reported self-drilling drywall anchors.
  • Built-in positive stop!
    Prevents overdriving the anchor when using a screwgun.
  • Resist vibration and shock!
    Locking its thread into the wall, Snapskru anchors don’t pull loose when vibrated or shocked.
  • Re-useable in the same hole!
    Remove the screw, without the anchor. Then re-install later, in the same anchor, with the same screw!
  • Accepts a range of screw sizes!
    Use 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0mm screws! (#6, #8, #10)

Showing all 5 results