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TOGGLER TC Hollow Wall Anchor - Pack of 20

Part Number: 50550

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Quick Overview

100 x TC TOGGLER Hollow Wall Anchors

A superior hollow wall anchor designed to provide secure, vibration proof-holding in hollow substrates up to 19mm thick, but still being able to support loads in unexpected solids up to 38mm, such as a wooden stud, as an expansion/wedge anchor! Capable of holding loads up to 72kg (UWL*) in 16mm Drywall! Don’t forget to add screws with your order!

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  • Strongest of ALL Plastic Toggle Anchors! Reinforces the wall/ceiling and leads the load away from the hole.
  • Vibration and Shock proof! Won’t damage walls or ceilings
  • Works in Solid walls! Acting as a secure wedge/expansion anchor when they encounter an unexpected solid.
  • Accept a range of screw sizes! In each anchor and pre-installs through a small 8mm hole, without the screw.
  • Won’t spin! Anti-Rotation fins prevent the anchor spinning even when using a screwgun.
  • Corrosion proof! With stainless steel screws. And also non-magnetic/non-conductive.
  • Remove the screw, without the anchor! Then re-install later, in the same anchor, with the same screw 

The TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor is not an ordinary anchor; providing secure holding power for light and medium loads in hollow walls and ceilings, but also functioning as a secure wedge anchor, with the ability to expand in solid walls and wooden studs.

Whilst there are other hollow wall anchors that may look similar to the TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor, they often require a larger hole to install, damage the rear side of the wall where you can’t see, and they are often limited to a designated grip range, making them useless in unexpected situations. In comparison, the TOGGLER® Hollow Wall Anchor installs through just a small 8mm hole, has anti-rotation fins to prevent spin-out and locks to the wall forming a truss-like structure offering secure vibration proof holding in materials up to 38mm thick!

Additional Information

Part Number 50550
Anchor Type TC
Quantity 20
Drill Diameter 8mm
Grip Range (Toggled) 16-19mm
Minimum Clearance Behind the Wall 19mm
Maximum Expansion (Solid Substrate) 38mm
Minimum Screw Thread Length 40mm
Screw Diameter Range (4.0mm Recommended), 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm
Tensile UWL in 6mm Plywood


Tensile UWL in 9.5mm Drywall


Tensile UWL in 12.5mm Drywall


Tensile UWL in 15mm Drywall 72kg
Shear UWL in 6mm Plywood


Shear UWL in 9.5mm Drywall


Shear UWL in 12.5mm Drywall


Shear UWL in 15mm Drywall 107kg

All tests indicate the ultimate working load (UWL). Industry safety standards recommend ¼ of UWL.

All tests were originally measured in pounds and were carried out using equivalent UNC thread anchors and bolts.

technical specifications

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